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Meet the new us — Apex Chiropractic has rebranded to Go Aspire

The best chiropractor clinic in Orlando just got better.


Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

Today marks the launch of our new rebrand — Go Aspire. And while our name, logo, and website have changed into a vibrant new look, our motto of treating patients like family, will certainly remain.

Why The Rebrand?

For over 10 years we’ve helped people recover from car accidents and injuries. Through that success, we’ve expanded into clinics across Central Florida. But that expansion marked the need for a change — we wanted to reach more of the people who needed us most. To do that, we rebranded in a way that would better communicate our goal:

Chiropractic Care, Made For Everyone

Here’s the harsh reality — not everyone can get the best chiropractic treatment they need. We’re here to change that. Because we believe that anyone, from any background or circumstance, should be able to live without pain. That’s why at Go Aspire we made the best chiropractic care accessible to everyone — from ultra-flexible payment options to custom treatment plans, we’re here to get you the care you need.

Over the next few months, you’ll see all the other content around our new brand: educational videos, treatment packets, and even insurance guides to walk you through the post-car accident process. But remember, our mission is still the same — to make the best care accessible to everyday people. Because at the end of the day, we treat people, not patients.

TL;DR: Apex Chiropractic is now Go Aspire. We make the best treatment accessible to everyone.

Love, the team at Go Aspire.

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